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Pests and their infestations are often seasonal, such as Mosquitoes and Wasps in the summer and rats and mice in the autumn January through to March are normally quiet months for pests. Watch for mice finding their way into garages, sheds and greenhouses in search of food and shelter. Look out also for rats in compost heaps and under sheds also looking for shelter from the cold weather and foraging for scraps put out for birds.

  • Termites eat papers, books and destroy wood, causing significant structural damage.
  • Cockroach can cause allergens that can contribute to childhood asthma.
  • Rodents contaminate food and transmit disease. Packrats can cause a significant amount of damage by rats gnawing on electrical wiring.
  • Fleas and ticks are blood feeders and are health hazards to pets and people.
  • Biting and stinging insects can be poisonous, can injure, and can cause serious health problems especially to those who are allergic, elderly or infants. 
  • Ants are a severe nuisance when they contaminate our food and some can seriously bite and sting.
  • Flies are not just an irritation; they also transmit disease and contaminate food.
  • Carpet beetles and silverfish damage and destroy clothing, books, and other fabrics.

As vegetation dies back, rats and mice that have lived happily outside during the summer, lose both their food and protective cover. This along with the colder weather, drive them inside towards food and shelter.

 *Make sure your house is sealed. All doorways should be flushed with the entryway. Seal any and all openings no matter how small. Mice can fit through a gap of 6mm. Call Bug Wiser for an estimate for rodents or seal jobs

With the end of summer, those pests that “bugged” you during the warmer weather days will greatly disappear. Bedbugs and fleas will continue to thrive in the warmth of your home. Fleas will lay eggs in your pets bedding, carpets, and furniture. Bedbugs will hide in your mattress and bedsprings. Both of these are hard to eliminate.

 *Call Bug Wiser for different treatment options.

Summer backyard barbeques and picnics bring about a whole host of pests. Ants will march up the picnic tables. Bees are attracted to sweet sodas and juices. Dusk brings mosquitoes. Many of these pests will leave but some will stay.

 *Do not leave any standing water for mosquitoes to breed or to attract to bees to drink.

 Remove all food packages, cans, cups, and plates that may feed the ants.  Ants will not only invade parts of your yard, but can invade your home as well Do not leave food out and keep floors swept or vacuumed. Bug Wiser has many options to help control these pesky insects.

Termites swarm in late summer or fall. It is not unusual to see some Subterranean or Drywood termites to swarm in the spring. This is usually when most people will notice termites and sometimes confuse them with ants.

 *If you suspect any termite activity inside your home, please call Bug Wiser for a free inspection before termites cause any structural damage to your home.