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The management of insects requires an understanding of their way of life. The Pest Management professional must continue his/her education to achieve the best control through identification, chemical, and non-chemical methods.

Most insects do not harm human products or carry diseases, feed on human food, clothing, housing, and annoy or injure humans and other animals through painful bites and stings. 



Many insects are beneficial, but some are especially competitive with humans. Insects and rodents can present serious health, economic, and safety concerns.

Our Services are customized to the home owner’s specific needs and pests. Contracts are not required but recommended for better price control. Interior and exterior services are available with Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly visits preferred.

Certain insects require more intense or special equipment for proper control. Thus, Additional fees are applied for these services: ext. bees, termites, fleas, ticks, flying insects, and other wood-destroying organisms.

 Our 12-Month Annual service Agreement includes a 13-month free with your annual service paid in advance.

. For prices, or to set up an appointment, please call our office 520-586-3448 or email us at 


This a more comprehensive treatment for the control of the challenging environments encountered. Bug Wiser has the experience and ability to properly service a wide variety of commercial establishments.

Our current account list includes restaurants, office buildings, apartments, schools, municipalities, hospitals, and RV parks.

 Bug Wiser services are a partnership between our customers and technicians. Sanitation and Maintenance recommendations are provided with our pest services and forwarded to the Manager on duty. To achieve lasting results, this teamwork approach has proven very beneficial. Identifying and resolving maintenance and sanitation issues is a major step in preventing pest issues.

 Please call for an appointment at 520-586-3448 or email us at 



Given the abundance and severity of Termite infestations in Arizona, on Annual check of all building is strongly recommended. Routine home inspections are performed at no charge. If insect infestations are discovered, the inspector will present a plan to eradicate the problem.

Termite inspection reports needed for the sale of a property are performed for a fee. These reports are documented on an Arizona State form and must be filed with the state. The state charges a fee for the service, thus a fee is charged to the customer for the written report.

These reports are generally scheduled by a Realtor or property manager. Upon request and completion of the inspection, the report can be delivered to the Title Company handling escrow.


                            (existing homes)
Upon completion of an inspection of the property, a recommendation for the treatment to eradicate the infestation will extend. Multiple methods and products are available for the best choice and best results.

Dependant upon slab type; drilling, trenching, wall injection, and wood treatment may be required. Pricing is based on slab type, crawl space, construction irregularities, etc. Treatment is for the control of subterranean termites. This warranty does not include damage repair or replacement




Fumigation may be defined as the act of introducing a gas into an enclosed space to eliminate an infestation. This gas operates at the molecular to level for thorough penetration. This ability to penetrate and fill all voids, makes it ideal in many situations to eliminate pests that other products and methods cannot reach.

Fumigants occupy all air spaces within an enclosed area. They penetrate cracks, crevices, pores, in wood, furniture, etc. Treatment can be performed on homes, businesses, storage blds, or individual items.

The structure to be treated is prepared and covered completely with tarpaulins, (tent) and sealed. All living plants, pets, and occupants are removed from the home. All foodstuffs are removed or sealed in special treatment bags for protection.

Start to finish the fumigation procedure generally requires 1 ˝ days. Occupants must remain away overnight until the tent is removed, the home is aerated, and the home checked for any remaining level of gas. No clean-up is required. The gas leaves no residual deposits behind.

The art and science of fumigation is highly specialized and technical in nature, requiring a great deal of skill, knowledge and experience for successful and safe usage.   

This treatment is applied directly to the soil before the pouring of cement. Job-site must be cement ready with all plumbing, electrical, reinforcement materials, and compaction complete. Service must be scheduled 24-48 hours in advance.

Price is determined by total square feet of slab to be under roof. This includes porches, patios, garages, etc. is also a determining factor.

Per Arizona State guidelines, all pretreatments include a 5 year warranty from the date of treatment of the main slab. This warranty is for the control of Subterranean Termites only. This warranty does not include damage repair or replacement.



Bug Wiser offers two types of weed control. There is a monthly contact with twice a year pre-emerge, or just the pre-emerge twice a year. Pre-emerge stops the germination of the seeds. We start the first round of pre-emerge in spring (Feb-March) and the second round in the fall (July- August). Spring pre-emerge is for the summer weeds and Fall Pre-emerge is for the winter weeds. The second type of weed control is the monthly contact. With a monthly contract you get the pre-emerge twice a year with month contact. Pre-emerge does not control all seed germination so we spray a contact spray that is applied directly to the weed, which travels to the root to kill the weed. Bug Wiser finds this is the most effective way to control the weeds in your yard. We all know that Arizona has a horrible weed problem all year around and Bug Wiser would like to help you get control of your weed problem. For a weed bid please call our office at 520-586-3448 or email us at